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At Rosmead Partners, we pride ourselves on being an independent consulting firm dedicated to providing personalized, expert advice to family offices, funds, and high net worth individuals.


Galina Gusarevich

Director with Rosmead Partners. She is based in Dubai, where she advises family offices on investments in emerging markets. She is a specialist on structuring investments in the Gulf.

Ms. Gusarevich was a private banker with Credit Suisse in Singapore. She was previously a consultant with KPMG, where she focused on private wealth.

Ms. Gusarevich is a qualified lawyer. She holds an LLM from the London School of Economics, where she studied on a Rotary Scholarship. She has completed the CACS certification, administered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Galina Gusarevich

Senior Consultant

Pascal Martin-Daguet

Pascal Martin-Daguet has made significant contributions throughout his career as a leader in the engineering, construction, and sustainability sectors.
He was the Chief Operating Officer at Colas Projects (2020-2022). Pascal transformed the subsidiary to focus on major projects globally, quadrupling its turnover to €500m in three years across fifteen complex infrastructure projects valued at €2.5b.

Prior to that, he was the International Project Director at Vinci Construction (1991-2019). He held various roles, including the restructuring of subsidiaries and managing ground-breaking projects such as the world’s longest stay cable bridge in Vladivostok, Russia, and a military airport in Singapore.

He holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and Town Planning from INSA de Rennes, alongside a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics with honours. Pascal has also undertaken extensive training in sustainable development, Six Sigma, LEAN construction, and other professional courses.

He is a member of several prestigious organizations, including the Association for Project Management (APM), Project Management Institute (PMI), The Climate Fresk, and the Shift Project.

Pascal is fluent in French and English, has advanced knowledge of Spanish, and understands Turkish and Russian.

Pascal Martin-Daguet


Rosmead Partners?

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We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services tailored to meet your needs.

Private Wealth Services

Governance & Succession Planning

Rosmead Partners can help the family office develop a governance framework that ensures effective decision-making, risk management, and accountability.

Additionally, Rosmead Partners may assist with succession planning to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and management to the next generation.

Investment Consultancy

Rosmead Partners can provide consulting services on investment strategies, asset allocation, and portfolio management to help the family office achieve its financial objectives.

Tax & Estate Planning:

Rosmead Partners can arrange advice for the family office on tax-efficient investment strategies and estate planning strategies to ensure the efficient transfer of wealth to future generations.

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Capital Introduction

Capital introduction services are provided by Rosmead Partners, to help connect family offices, hedge funds and other alternative asset managers with potential investors. These services can include:

Introductions to Institutional Investors

Rosmead Partners can introduce hedge funds to institutional investors, such as pension funds, endowments, and foundations, that may be interested in investing in alternative assets.


Rosmead Partners can arrange roadshows where hedge fund managers can meet with potential investors in different cities or regions.

Database access

Rosmead Partners can provide hedge funds with access to their investor databases, which can help them identify potential investors that may be a good fit for their investment strategy.

Marketing Support

Rosmead Partners can provide marketing support to hedge funds by helping them create marketing materials and pitch books that can be used to attract potential investors.

Due Diligence Support

Rosmead Partners can help hedge funds prepare for investor due diligence by providing guidance on what investors typically look for during the due diligence process.